Diane Jarvis

Roseville, Ca (andshedancesbook@yahoo.com)

A Revolutionizing Spiritual Women's Conference: "AND SHE DANCES"

This Conference will awaken, your soul encouraging you through my story on how Jesus Christ has take over the dance of my heart. How he brought healing and freedom to me from a life of a victimized child that had me bound in chains in a personal prison cell of pain and living with the crippling disease of Rheumatoid Arthritis. He has shown me that worship is the highest form of spiritual warfare; through being obedient, taking steps of faith towards the unknown of higher levels of worship, being unrestrained and unashamed going against the rules regulations and all man made experiences leaving them behind and being free to be me...

He gave me beauty for ashes changed my sorrow into joy and turned my mourning into dancing!

Worship is the key to being able to stand in these end times....Worship is the highest expression of our love for God...Praise can bring you the earth quake of deliverance. Shaking the very foundation of the enemy... Book this Conference for 2013 with your church Women's Ministry or event and let Jesus take over your heart and restore you to your happy dance!