Andrea Simon-Martinez

Editor and Writer in Staten Island, New York

Hello! My name is Andrea.

I like to write and recently have discovered I also like to talk about things. I've lived most of my life in New York, but lately have been thinking about moving... maybe Philly...

I started my own podcast after discovering I really enjoyed the work during my last job. I produced a short-lived podcast for the editor-in-chief of the National Law Journal. And taking the experience learned from it, I've attempted to start my own and use it to talk about movies. It's called Andrea's Podcast. Sadly, it was also short-lived, because I realized I enjoyed the backend work more than the frontend.

I do still write, haven't really put anything up in a while because I haven't been able to decide if anything is really good enough yet. But, I am writing blog posts for an outsourcing company on a weekly basis.

Ideally, I'm looking for a career that will help me develop and express my creativity and grow into a better.

Lately, I've been watching John Wick more times than I really should be watching John Wick honestly.

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