Andrea Simon-Martinez

Editor and Writer in Staten Island, New York

My name is Andrea. Hecha en Mexico, transplanted at the age of 3. I lived in Park Slope, Brooklyn, for what I consider all of my life, and most recently moved to Staten Island. Went to grade school at P.S 295, middle school at M.S 51, and high school at B.A.S.E & Edward R Murrow. I did my BA at Hunter College in English, concentration: Creative Writing and additional studies in Anthropology. I'm looking to go back to school soon, in hope of achieving my Masters. I don't know how much other than I really want to write. I look up to Neil Gaiman and all of my Magical Realism ancestors, and hope to one day be of their caliber.

I like to spend my days reading articles from sources like the NY Times to The Verge, and everywhere in between. My main interest in literature is Science Fiction, most recently of Slavic origin but I am also diving into modern Science Fiction being written by other Latino authors.

I have a wordpress blog where I try to post my stories as often as possible, some days it's harder than others.

I'm currently working on getting a podcast started, there's a lot more research involved on the topic I want so it's taking me a while to get my thoughts together.

I've been watching more movies than usual lately, so maybe I'll do something with that soon. Don't get me started on John Wick unless you want a long speech on why it's great and why everyone should watch it.

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