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Venture Capital in Florida

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An accomplished; entrepreneur, senior level executive, venture capitalist and seed stage investor experienced in a diverse range of industries, skills & applications. Directly responsible for the creation, incubation, strategic planning, business development, managerial oversight and successful financing of numerous early stage, mezzanine and middle market companies resulting in job creation and appreciable economic impact. Companies founded have achieved an aggregate high market capitalization of over $26 billion dollars and that have raised over $700 hundred million dollars in venture capital rounds of financing prior to going public. Proven demonstrable skills, track record, hands-on leadership and diverse experience in multiple functions, duties and roles including; executive management, board of directors, business development, strategic planning, technology and Intellectual property, sales and marketing, debt and equity financing's, mergers and acquisitions, reorganizations, distressed situations, and start-ups. Two companies that Mr. Badolato co-founded (Milcom and Bye Bye Now) were given awards by Florida Governor Jeb Bush in the same year for job creation and technology advancement by IT Florida out of a total of only three companies that received such award. IT Florida is a state advocacy group that oversees Florida based job creation and technology business development. Mr. Badolato is also a Breitbart News contributor and has had four of his political data articles published in Drudge Report in the same week with three of them being Drudge Report feature headlines! One of the pieces was published by Wikileaks as part of the DNC email scandal. Mr. Badolato developed an economic theory and white paper research in 2009 that has led to the creation and launch of The USA Exchange.The USA Exchange enhances and enables America’s local communities to market themselves, their incentives and opportunities to a global audience resulting in new businesses and job creation, improving local economies and helps restore America's industrial and manufacturing base in a more efficient manner with greater transparency and lower costs. Member pre-registration has recently commenced and the community is launching in the fall. go to

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