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Andy Duarte

Stamford, Connecticut, United States

The philosophy of "S" Business Consulting is that it’s actually quite easy to run a small business very well – and we’re here to show you how to do that, and to provide supplemental resources and expertise as needed.

Yes, you have to work hard, and usually put in long hours until achieving a certain level of sales & staffing, but optimizing the day-to-day management of the business, and making its financial performance healthy and predictable, is actually quite straightforward – assuming you have a solid product offering, valid financial model, and a competent team. And yet, many small companies don’t do this. They’re highly dysfunctional, and seem to prefer crisis management mode.

Over the years "S" Business Consulting has seen that the vast majority of small business management challenges fall within a few standard categories. Once these issues are solved, the enterprise typically becomes very strong, starts growing consistently, and has increasing freedom and resources to explore and seize new opportunities.