Andy Kerekes


My parents come from a working class background. I was not that interested in school and had a lot of days off sick, when I was at school I felt lonely and the odd one out, so I was very happy when I left school at 15 years old so you can guess I had very poor grades. I was not very confident and did not mix very well with people and did not have a girlfriend till I was 30 years old. I always had a feeling there is more to life but I could not put my finger on what it was. My eyes were open when I was 21 years old and this guy in his 50s gave me a video it talked about freedom and what you have to do to achieve it and all the things you could do. It was a network marketing company I loved the idea but I was not that good at implementing it and struggled so I did what most people did and worked for other people. Then in 2012 I was still frustrated with my situation working for a boss I felt trapped, then a guy approached me about a company he was working for it was a another network marketing company but it looked a lot better system but yet again recruiting people was hard for me so I gave that up. Then in March 2014 I started with a online program it was easier because I just posted on Facebook but it was still not making me money. Frustrated or what but then at the end of April 2014 a commented on one of my posts on Facebook How would you liked to get paid every 20 minutes 72 times a day without sponsoring selling or recruiting? The rest is History and finally I am making money as the guy said every 20 minutes 72 times a day...

  • Education
    • Ashcroft High School