Andy McDowell

I started my working life in the financial markets.

Firstly as a trader on the NZ stock exchange floor, then dealing warrants in London for a global investment bank, and finally trading foreign exchange on the Australasian interbank market.

I worked for a multi-national advertising agency, in two offices, before setting up my own multi-award-winning* marketing agency - which I ran for 12 years.

Over that period of self employment I also created 3 start-ups in unrelated fields and have had one spectacular failure – but thankfully more spectacular successes.

I then was Head of Marketing for where I was responsible for creating a world class brand and developing systems to deliver enough leads to fuel the company's growth. During that time I was trained as a Business Coach and helped 14 companies maximise their success.

After being diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease I set up a new practice The Department of Marketing which I now share with my business partner Trevor Moodie. Together we help businesses get to grips with marketing strategy and help them develop brands and systems that enable the delivery of said strategy.

I am happily married to Kate and we are blessed with two beautiful daughters.

I am in the process of publishing a book based on a poem I wrote about telling my daughters about having Parkinson's, and have another book in my head about my experiences in the marketing world. I am not sure whether to call it "Mr Fabulous" or "Blind Luck and Gut Instinct"?

* including a Grand Prix at the NZDM Awards