Andy Poulsen

Andy Poulsen

After spending four years working in IT Management in Sydney, Andy Poulsen recently returned to Christchurch to take up the Senior Consultant – Technology role with Farrow Jamieson, based in our Christchurch office.

Andy has extensive commercial knowledge through his exposure to technology and creative endeavour’s including roles in management, recruitment, marketing, content direction, support and hardware engineering.

Starting out in computer sales, Andy has recruited technology positions, run his own IT support services company, managed and coordinated the IT resources of 100+ users operating across four different countries and the day to day operations (and content direction) of a regional radio station with a team of 50.

Christchurch born and bred, Andy is proud dad to two children (one of each), and now knows far more about My Little Pony, Barbie and Thomas the Tank Engine than he ever thought he would! With his eldest child just starting school, it’s a great time to be returning to Christchurch and enjoying all the city has to offer.

As Senior Consultant – Technology for Farrow Jamieson Christchurch, Andy will be focusing on senior roles that have a technical requirement, across industry sectors

Andy is also known as Andy Pulzar (DJ). I've been DJing around Christchurch for years (more years than I like to admit!) and recently spent 4 years gigging around Sydney. Way back in October 1999 I started Pulzar FM with Jason Akehurst (JBoss), which is currently on 105.7fm Canterbury-wide.