Andy Reischer


I'm addicted to making, helping others and keeping active!


I like to make most anything. It could be an Idea, software, a solution to some oddball problem, furniture, or maybe even a bike. It's all the same to me.

Keeping active

I spent some time as kid in a wheelchair. I guess that I'm over compensating nowadays.. I'm always up for doing things.. A hike, or a bikeride or maybe even some Iyengar yoga. I'm hoping to bike in the smokey mountains, and in the Italian Alps this year, oh and I do love the Northeast hill climbs(Bumps and six gaps)..

Giving back

I'm involved with a few charities. "A Better Chance", "Spin Oddyssey", and "Northeast Community Cycles"

  • Work
    • Software, data, analysis
  • Education
    • Physics