Andy Smart

I'm the business systems manager for a large mail order company, where I focus on delivering modifcations to our systems to better serve our customers. It's a job I enjoy for its variety. I've recently finished leading a project on integrating a business we acquired; now I'm looking at developing the interfaces between our CRM system and a forecasting system.

I live with my partner, who means more to me than anything in the world, in Swindon, where we're both quite active in local politics. I'm the Secretary for the South Swindon Labour Party; I'm also a member of the Cooperative Party, Progress, Amnesty International and the Fabian Society. I've lived with my other half for 8 years.

In my spare time I love to read fantasy fiction - it's a great form of escapism! I'm currently reading Terry Goodkind's 'Confessor' series. I'm also working on learning the Java programming language. I'm big on personal development, and enjoy reading productivity blogs such as Lifehacker.

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