Andy White

Bournemouth, Uk

I run a growing web firm. We produce technical solutions, manage representational services and with the aid of subject specific data analysis make better decisions throughout these processes.

As an industry, usable new technologies and approaches are introduced over weeks or months (not years), this fast pace of evolution is what continues to sustain my enthusiasm; I get to learn daily. I enjoy what I do, but believe work does not define a person. Broadly speaking I aim to expand my world view, explore, learn, and live for those short interspersed moments of awe. Mix in laughs along the way, perfect.

I try to climb weekly, walk/hike regularly, snowboard annually, and travel internationally when I can. I read a lot of articles, both industry based and personal interest; astro & particle physics, philosophy, cognitive science, economics, travel, technology, etc.

I am fundamentally a thinker and have an innate hunger to understand and contextualise things; seeing the ever bigger picture. I pour over Wikipedia when I feel I should know about a subject or do not yet have a formed opinion, it's a blessing and a curse - recently for example; Glucose, Counterfactual definiteness, 66th parallel north... fun huh!? Don't worry, I like a drink with friends almost as much, most notably cider.

I take great pleasure from art, architecture and culture in general, they run a close second to being out and about in the wild. Music must be deep.

The photo I took from the West Thumb Geyser Basin across Yellowstone Lake, Yellowstone NP.

  • Work
    • Uprated Ltd.
  • Education
    • BSc (hons) Multimedia Communications