Andy Williams

Project Manager, Software Engineer, and Consultant in England, United Kingdom

As one of the IT industry’s leading Business Technologists, Andy Williams possesses a strong technical background combined with his extensive project management experience and business skills. His 25 years of experience and desire to overachieve while rethinking current industry practices has made him one of the go-to problem solvers for many UK start-ups and SME’s. Andy emphasizes his skills in the IT Talent, Strategy and Operations field by solving challenging business problems with his unmitigated resolve.

As a self-confessed technology ‘alchemist’ and ‘futurist’, Andy is passionate about finding solutions using advanced technologies. He is a creative and innovative individual with strong analytical and problem solving skills when it comes to business strategy. As extensive as his qualifications are, Andy is still very people oriented with unmatched communication and speaking skills from technical to non-technical topics.

Andy has worked across a wide range of industries and clients ranging from international organizations to global corporations. His insight and experience in the manufacturing and logistics arena, makes him a perfect fit for any startup in the tech and innovation industries to the creative, digital and media markets.

Andy is now focusing on his networking capabilities and with working alongside SME’s, small businesses, entrepreneurs, freelance consultants and individuals in the UK or worldwide. His professional capacities can include consulting, project management, technical/business analyst, or working alongside your own teams. Andy has made his mission to help organisations and individuals envision the full potential of new technologies and innovation and how they can support growth and market success.

Andy can be found on Twitter and LinkedIn; contact him today to see if he is the right fit for your business needs.