Andy Kennelly

Pasadena California

Andy’s goal is to use his camera to explore life, allowing his images to guide self-discovery and shape his understanding of the world. Viewing life through the lens of a camera has provided him with new ways to interpret reality as well as a way to share his vantage point with others. He enjoys how the quest has brought him into contact with people who he might otherwise never engage, yet who expand his worldview and his concept of life as an art form. Through this never-ending journey of discovery he hopes to build new relationships, find new opportunities and most importantly go on new adventures. Andy uses a variety of films and cameras to create his images. His choice of subject comes from instinct and a desire to engage in the stories that unfold around him. He seeks to capture the unknown and unobserved, chasing the light within the shadows and telling the stories that might otherwise remain untold. He is inspired to compose by the contrast of light and dark, using the changing light of day to illustrate the visions from his dreams. Vivid color photos articulate the beauty of a landscape, while B&W; imagery enhances feeling and mood. Andy uses slow shutter speeds and low fi cameras to explore the movement and passage of time. He strives to capture rarely viewed and exotic scenes and present them in an intriguing way, allowing the story of the landscape, skyline or waterway to speak in vivid detail. He photographs strangers on the street because he is curious about their story—where they have been and where they are going. He is on a constant quest to tell an entire story through a single image of a lined face, a shy smile, or a rugged tattoo. Photography has enticed Andy to look at and experience the world with a new depth of awareness, and he hopes to share the wonder of his journey with his audience.

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