Andy Mosedale

Consultant, Small Business Owner, and Father in Barnet, Vermont

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MIS is a vertically integrated business, which focuses in a variety of technical sectors, including supporting cloud computing, infrastructure and technical business planning, I am involved with computer hardware/software project management, network appliance integration, computer peripheral maintenance and installation in all layers of the Open Systems Interconnected Model. As the founder and owner of MIS, I have been fortunate to collaborate on multiple enterprise wireless installations in the hospitality sector, small business, and municipal arenas and am versed in consulting technological translation. This is most evident by my work with individual clients (point of contacts, business leadership) concerning ‘end of life’ hardware and software solutions that meet budgetary, and organizational efficiency needs.

  • Work
    • CTO Mosedale Integrated Solutions
  • Education
    • University of New Hampshire
    • Johnson State College