Andy O'Sullivan

International Bestselling Author, Corporate Presentation Consultant, and Public Speaker in London, United Kingdom

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As an international bestselling author, consultant and trainer, Andy O'Sullivan has written extensively on the subject of how to survive and thrive in the corporate world with effective public speaking and presentation skills.

In his books, workshops and seminars, Andy teaches professionals how to dramatically increase their rise up the corporate career ladder by creating and presenting presentations that inspire, impress and ensure they are the obvious choice for promotion.

Andy enjoyed a successful corporate career that saw him working for many of the leading financial institutions and international banks.

It was while working in the corporate world that Andy recognised the need to develop his own public speaking and presentation skills.

A long and at times, painful journey that lead him to develop the renowned Corporate Confidence System™.

The Corporate Confidence System™ system utilises all of Andy’s knowledge and extensive experience from the real world so professionals are now able to swiftly create speeches that connect with clients, colleagues and even the CEO.

The commitment Andy has continually shown in helping people to learn effective public speaking and presentation skills has been recognised by all the international awards and accolades he’s received.

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