Andy Perry

Biography to come later....

First, I bought the Tesla S at Yorkdale in Toronto this month and expecting it September 19 th, 2013. I've been listening to Elon Musk for some time now and he's right on track. Elon might be interested in this article as well.....

Looking forward to visiting the Tesla plant as well.

Interesting..... Nicola Tesla -, Thomas Edison - Elon Musk
Thomas Edison was right but didn't know why he was right, Nicola had the best vision and now we have induction. Wireless electricity is next perhaps!

I want part of Solar City in Toronto!

Wish Elon fast travels and the best of luck!

Future Electricity,

Hydrogen fuel cells are not a good idea compared to batteries in the present form, but there is a new design that does not require a membrane and uses laminar flow to prevent mixing. It could revolutionize fuel cells. There is also some incredible work being done with batteries that could radically change the way they are used too. The cube is a different case. It makes sense to use the cube to generate power for long periods. Batteries are unable to provide long term power during outages or disaster. The cube with natural gas or propane can provide a very useful and scalable power source. It makes a lot of sense for that type of application. Fuel cells don't make sense for cars without a leap in technology.

Andy Perry
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