Andy Smullin

Salt Lake City, Utah

My Mother, Geraldine Smullin, gave birth to me on December 4, 1942 in Pocatello, Idaho at the old St. Mark's Hospital.

My grandmother, on mom's side, was born in Nottingham, England. I hope to go there some day and see Sherwood Forest and Nottingham Castle.

My father, Ralph Smullin, was an auto mechanic at Dalstrom Auto. My Grandfather, Fred Smullin, was a policeman in the Pocatello Police Department.

I spent 4 years as an enlisted man in the US Navy from 1962-1966. I was assigned to a helicopter antisubmarine squadron stationed on board the carrier USS Intrepid for two years. It is now a museum in New York.

Since, I have worked as milkman, shoe salesman, bus driver and tech support person. I am now studying movie production at the Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  • Education
    • Snake River High School
    • Idaho State University
    • Salt Lake Community College