Andy Stevenson

I am a confident, outgoing and highly organised person with strong interpersonal skills, in particular decision making, influencing and listening. I have a proven ability to adapt and respond to new challenges, which has resulted in a successful track record for delivery within different development environments. I have strong analytical and problem solving skills with the ability to plan, implement and deliver.

I am hugely interested in streaming media and love the idea of progressing streaming services using methods such as improving the infrastructure along with creative technological and marketing ideas. I find that streaming poses interesting and taxing problems, but overcoming them to deliver an event live, gives me great satisfaction.

I am very family orientated, so everything I do, I do for my wife and children. I work hard to provide them with everything that they need and hopefully some of the things they want. That doesn't stop them having the need to moan at me when they can't have everything they want. ;0)