Andy Adams

Curator, Writer, and Digital Director in Madison, Wisconsin

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Andy is a digital director with a passion for visual media + creative culture. Since 2004, he has consulted arts organizations and cultural institutions that use the Internet to engage, inspire, and educate the public.

Adams was a pioneer in the online photo exhibition space and has collaborated with the RISD Museum of Art, the Australian Centre for Photography, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art, and other organizations.

In 2006, he founded FlakPhoto Projects, a web-based digital/arts lab promoting photography and visual culture.

He is the Digital Director at Outrider Foundation, an educational nonprofit committed to making the world safer and more secure.

In his spare time, he hosts the FlakPhoto Network, an 18,000-member online community focused on conversations about visual/media culture.

Adams is an evangelist for the Web’s potential to inspire people and speaks about the opportunities social media provides creators to engage their audiences online.

Find him on Instagram + Twitter @FlakPhoto.