Andy Barrow

Blue Mountains NSW

From as far back as I can remember music has always fascinated me. The sounds of the evolving late 60's to early and mid 70's sparked my love for Electronic music. The sounds of the early Moog's and the addition of other well known Synthesizers changed the sound of music - whilst horrifying some; allowing others to absorb and bathe in the beauty that is electronic music. It is obvious that my style of music features many artists of the days when vinyl and cassette tapes were the medium of choice; even 4 tracks. Early Jarre, Tangerine Dream and Pink Floyd to name a few. One man - sadly no longer with us; a gentleman by the name of Mort Garson produced an album using just the Moog Modular - Electronic Hair Pieces; this was my gateway to heaven. The love of the great behemoth allowed me to dream of owning such an instrument; 40 years on and I now own two Moog's; The Minimoog Voyager XL and its baby brother the Moog Slim Phatty. All nestled in with Digital and software based applications; creating a mixture of modern sounds with a strong undercurrent of the old. This is a journey I have yet to take and I feel it is time that I share my music. I hope that after all the years of such great influence that this will gives me the strength within and the heart to make at least one person stop and dream as I did all those years ago. You can view my videos on my YouTube channel here

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