Andy Bones

I'm just an American boy with a dream.


>Aposematic Adaptations: None (Possible AA trait: Blue halos surrounding pupils)

>Stature 5'11"

>Build thin 165lbs.

>Coloration pale

>Plumage? Dark brown hair on head

>Armour? Cotton, polyester and leather items

>CPU multisensory read/ write low-heat low-latency organic tissue-based, two subsystems abstract functions hemi direct link to hemi logic, pragmatic, op assignment core

>Redundancy array- paper, digital, symbolic assignment

>Field practicality: Poor, not practical, obsolete, partial application

>Issues: Severe depression, substance addiction, nihilist view, ignoring signs of danger, fragile base sentimentality

>Known application creative/musical/visual art/industrial design

>Genetic integrity high; displays great health, retention of original form despite heavy abuse and misuse, longevity prospect possible-high

>Interactions with others: Sociable, pleasant, guarded, constant adaptation to present company active, capacity to charm

>Retention- should negative, hostile, antisocial or unattractive energy materialize within, preventative measures automatically taken to prevent surfacing and becoming observable characteristics.


a. Music: Anything dark & dreary, beat-intensive, bass-heavy, dangerous-sounding, scary or unsettling, cold, darkly beautiful, would belong in a David Lynch film, hypnotic, industrial, unconventionally powerful or impractically sleek, classy, unique, elegant and deep. Examples? Massive Attack - Skinny Puppy - Leonard Cohen - Nine Inch Nails (pre-The Fragile) - Ministry - Bjork - Frontline Assembly - Tricky - Ciscandra Nostalghia - Sneaker Pimps - David Lynch's own music - Layo & Bushwacka - (some)Marilyn Manson - Quivver - D:Fuse - Sandra Collins

b. 1. Movies: Lost Highway - Inland Empire - Sin City - Inception - Eraserhead - Naked Lunch - eXistenZ - Mulholland Drive - The Dark Knight trilogy - Natural Born Killers - Desperado - From Dusk Till Dawn - Hero (2002, Zhang Yimou) - Blue Velvet - The Matrix trilogy - Heat - American Psycho - The Machinist - Being John Malkovich - Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon - Blade Runner - Go - The Bourne series - The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (David Fincher's version, not because it's in English