Andy Bottomley

Investor/Founder in London, United Kingdom

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I am a very experienced investor and business operator. For more than 20 years I have been involved in global technology and media capital markets in Europe, the US and elsewhere.

Currently interested in/working on new unbundled, first-to-mobile TV; new disruptive equity and structured finance models for the music industry; and certain other non media/tech projects. All these projects operating out of London, U.K. and Los Angeles, California.

No interest in anything to do with university spin-outs or IP opportunities of any kind. Or in anything out of an incubator or accelerator.

Board director level experience in companies covering private equity, public company, investment banking, asset management and operational management.

Professionally based in London and also spend significant periods of time in California and travel extensively and invest internationally.

Have lived West Coast US, Singapore and Sydney, Australia. Professionally HQ-ed in London.

Proud husband and dad.

Work hard. Do good. Don't be a dick.

  • Education
    • Cambridge
    • Durham