Andy Brachey


Originally born in Nashville, but raised in the DFW Metroplex in a city called Grapevine right outside DFW Airport. Graduating from Texas Tech in a double major program for both marketing and management. While planning on working in a sales position upon my graduation in May, my ultimate goal is to own and operate my own business venture.

I am accustomed to frequent and extended travel, and I find myself effective and versatile in even the most unique and diverse environments. This explorative nature extends into the nature in which I conduct business, as I find myself very eager to conceptualize new theoretical alternative methods of operations as opposed to sticking to the status quo in order to increase effectiveness and efficiency.

Analytical in practice, and perceptive by nature; These are two qualities that have been attributed to me by my peers and employers. My entrepreneurial spirit drives me to view my work as my own going concern, seeing my place of work not as a paycheck but a community in which we all share the same goal.

  • Education
    • Texas Tech: Marketing & Management Dual Major