Andrew Dekens

I've never been very good at writing these things. In the past I have usually satisfied myself simply with a quick blurb or tried to deflect the whole issue with a joke. I figured instead that this time around, I might try telling the truth instead and see how that goes. It may not be fascinating, but it’s who I am.

My name is Andy and I live in the most isolated capital city in the world - Perth, Western Australia. I'm 33 years old and have been living here for the last 31, having moved here from Adelaide, South Australia when I was 2. I had no say in the matter, but I love Perth. It’s quiet, if unfortunately getting a little expensive to live.

Up until about three years ago I was working as a Multimedia Designer/Developer, mostly dealing with websites. I started out working for an advertising agency building client websites and multimedia CD-Rom presentations, then self taught myself desktop publishing and did AD layouts as well. Doing that for about 7 years got to me in the end and I decided a change was in order.

So I started working as a casual labourer, doing things like unloading shipping containers and sorting stuff. I ended up working full time for a large department store warehouse as a storeman. It was different... for a while. But now it’s starting to get to me and I feel the pull to get back into an office, maybe get back into something involving multimedia, programming.

I am currently living in a bus on my dad's front lawn while I renovate a caravan I brought that will be my full time residence. "That’s crazy" I hear you exclaim! Well maybe, but to me, so it paying upwards of $400 a week for a dump and never being able to afford a house of my own. So it makes sense to me.

I have a number of interests that some would say out of the ordinary, like bookbinding, woodworking, illuminating. I will expand on these at a later date.

I hope that gives you a small idea of who I am, but if you’re curious about anything, just ask!