Andy Frey


The owners of the company said I could add motors to the IKEA Poäng chair in my office, so I did. Boom, bang, poof, a little blue smoke here and there and Bob's your uncle! The Office Chairiot Mark II was born and is the biggest, most ridiculous project I've built to date. It spans woodworking, electronics, robotics, welding and rude noises. The AVR microcontroller is my little pal. Click on the link down below to get a feel for it and all of its over-built, over-engineered glory.

Otherwise, I'm a 28-year veteran of the IT industry. My first computer program was in BASIC on my Atari 400, R.I.P. Atari 400.

I really love making stuff and learning new skills useful in that endeavor. I dig technology. I'm a bourbon enthusiast with over 60 bottles in my cabinet. The entrance to my man cave is being turned into a 1950's era phone booth with a secret back door. YES! I also have a goofy sense of humor.

Please feel free to reach out! I love chatting with makers, techies and bourbon geeks. Heck, any geek is totally awesome to me.