AJG Photography



I was into photography about 25 years ago and somehow the camera got put down and never picked up again.

Move forward 25 years and I have devoloped a love of being outdoors and liked the idea of taking good pictures of the places we visit , so I mention to my fantastic wife that I would like a camera for Christmas. Christmas morning and I open a Nikon P500 bridge camera. The P500 is a fantastic camera and I love using it, however it didn't take long before I realised that it wasn't up to the job of landscape photography. I mentioned again to my wife that I would like a DSLR and guess what, she only does it again. For my birthday I got a Canon 400D with 18 - 55 kit lens. I know to some of you this is a little out of date, but as it's my first DSLR it will do me fine and allow me to aquire the skills of digital photography.