Andy Grignon

Andy has made a career out of creating and shipping highly visible consumer products. He started out at Apple in the Advanced Technology Group developing QuickTime Conferencing and QuickTime Streaming technologies. A couple small companies later, he was back at Apple building iChat AV and the iSight camera.

He went on to write Dashboard for MacOS, prior to becoming part of the small, ragtag group charged with creating iPhone. After shipping iPhone 1.0, he left for Palm to co-invent webOS. As VP of Applications and Platforms, he oversaw the release of 13 versions of webOS.

Andy grew up in the Chicago suburb of Lake Forest, before attending the University of Iowa (where he met his co-founder Jeremy Wyld). He moved to Silicon Valley in the mid-90's, and currently lives on the coast in Half Moon Bay with his wife Mandy and their two kids Sydney and Foster. He has been trying in vain to get his pilot's license for 2 years.