Andy Grindle

Andy Grindle

The following is in no order
( a work in progress), but this is what I believe in and what I have to say publicly about myself:

I believe that words are more important than pictures, they can bring more emotion than just a quick glimpse at a picture (even though as the old cliche goes "Pictures are worth a thousand words".) ... so please do not expect me to post personal pictures ... I provide them at a personal request if I want to! I believe that there is a lot more power in writing than there is seeing a picture.

Respect! Mutual Respect. This is very important in my life.

I speak my mind and I am not afraid to do it.

Taking pride in being genuine, honest and true.

I believe that our conscience is the biggest mental weapon we have in life to make the right decisions... LISTEN TO IT, Follow it AND KNOW THAT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Do your self a life favor and DO NOT IGNORE IT!

I am goofey fun n friendly... usually the one who laughs the loudest!

If you don't have the GUMPTION; I don't have the TIME! If you want to take the time to communicate on a personal basis, please, no stalkers. Please read my profile before you do so. NO MEN on a sexual basis... Please! Only WOMEN! Thank you in advance! If you want to contact me on a friendly or professional basis, for good mental stimulation, then GREAT! Go for it! My contact information is right there for the taking. Do not abuse it or I will block you.

I enjoy starting new projects and achieving the goals I/we set out into plan! Lets make some money or get educated or create more love in this world. I AM DOWN FOR IT!


Despising LIARS, CHEATERS and THIEVES! - Get with the program people!... I honestly DO know it is harder to take the high road through my own experience with failures (and those who know me know I have had PLENTY) ... but if you try and accomplish it (your goal) the right way (no matter what your goals are!)... YOU WILL FEEL SOOOO MUCH BETTER ABOUT YOUR SELF!... and I think that is what life is all about!... Overcoming fear and complications that are difficult... Taking the high road!Setting the example and striving to be a better person in our world is what I am all about and that is what I like to promote!

Contemplating the situation to benefit anyone and everyone who is involved... both personally and professionally.