Anand Halady

Mumbai, India.

The sound of waves crashing. Then, ebbing with a fizzzzzz. Birds chirping at daybreak. Birds calling, anytime. The fragrance of fresh mint. Lemongrass. Orange peel. Flowers. A sky full of stars... 'til the vignette of dawn washes over. Sunlight bouncing of ripples. Moonlight in the desert. Pinewood forests. Turpentine. Eucalyptus. Flowering cactus. Cactus fruit. Kiwi fruit. Jackfruit. All fruit. Fresh Salad. Olive oil. The crunch as you munch. A grape bunch. Acting on a hunch. Writing. Dreaming. Imagining. Like I just did.

  • Work
    • Advertising Writing
  • Education
    • Still getting one