Andy Halliday

Son of an Air Force B-52 Aircraft Commander, grew up in the Cuban Missile Crisis on a SAC airbase, with a small basement as a "fallout" shelter, but not likely any defense against an overhead burst at the airfield. Then there was the longest period of economic expansion and lifestyle improvement in the history of mankind, benefiting middle-class families like mine until 1976 when the tides turned and wealth and power shifted to the benefit of increasingly smaller percentages made of those in control of corporate and personal wealth. As a 1983 graduate of HBS, I am a likely beneficiary of these things, and have had a share in the fruits of my labors and those of others. Now I am a salaried corporate soldier again, looking into a future that has little prospect for growth in America unless there should be a massive transformation of the underpinnings of our economy. I have three children, and feel that their generation deserve better prospects than we have afforded them.