Andy Harriss


I am a Safety advisor and my company, MSS TV & Film Safety, work with the Film, Media & PR industry to provide Safety advisors and Ambulances / Fire vehicles with experienced crew for TV / Film, automotive Events, Stunts, and filming in remote/extreme environments.

I'm an ex Soldier, and more recently, an Ambulance Tech / RTC Rescue specialist for the Fire & Rescue Service so I've spent the last 20 years around explosions, car crashes, accidents, fire and weapons. My H&S qualifications, and working with the Top Gear team for the last 7 years enable me to be confident and speak with experience. I don't do fancy big words, nor do I try to impress clients with telling them what they want to hear, I'm simply open and honest and this attribute has helped me gain trust and respect throughout the high profile industries in which I operate.

MSS have experience in studio, drama, commercials, live televised shows & sporting events, feature films and specialise in Stunt / SFX scenes and driving based Productions. I recently coordinated the Safety teams for the 2nd Unit on the 6th film of Universals "Fast & Furious" franchise which was a great opportunity for my team, proving our ability to deliver our service globally without fault, over a hectic 5 month filming schedule.

We have operated in enviroments from +40 degrees in the Kalahari desert to -30 degrees in Arctic Norway, from the deserts of Uzbekistan to the jungles of Madagascar without fail on over 400 high profile projects globally.