Andy Hernandez

Who Am I?

I’m a self-motivated knowledge seeker. Self-taught musician and a lover of art. My creativity is enhanced outside of work by my love of playing music. I constantly try to see the cup ¾ full even if there is nothing in it. I’m a family guy who loves adventure, while not completely going crazy.

Professional Brouhaha

I’m a senior level designer & developer with years of proven results in successful execution of projects. My forward thinking attitude combined with the hunger to learn new technologies drives me to seek innovative approaches to any project in which I am involved. I’m one of the few in the industry that is proficient in both the design and technical side. I take pride in being well versed in the technical know-how, while also having a full understanding of the ins and outs of business strategy & development. This combined knowledge creates a results-driven approach to project management & execution in the way I approach projects.