Andy Jackson

A great thing about the Complete Balance herbal menopause treatment is the fact that it contains two different formulas designed to alleviate menopause symptoms that occur during the night and throughout the day. The AM formula addresses hot flashes and mood swings, while the PM formula is efficient in preventing night sweats and ensuring a good night's rest. The formulas contain different ingredients so that they can provide relief for the symptoms that they address. Therefore, the AM formula contains a lot of vitamins, folic acid, soy, black cohosh and calcium, while the PM formula contains a little more calcium, soy and melatonin.Even though the Complete Balance herbal menopause treatment contains calcium to aid in the prevention of osteoporosis, this product does not contain the nutrient that stabilizes the calcium in the bones. Calcium alone will not contribute to healthy bones and will not prevent bone mass loss, unless you intake it with vitamin D. Nonetheless, this is one product that is efficient in treating hot flashes and that can ensure a good night sleep for menopausal women confronting with sleep problems.The price of the product makes it very accessible and, in addition, it is very easy to use as you receive both formulas in a single package. This herbal menopause treatment consists on one AM capsule in the morning and one PM capsule in the evening every day. Even though some people can find the idea of having two separate treatments that address different problems interesting, this can be nuisance for people with bad memory. Therefore, if you are experiencing memory loss as a symptom of menopause, then this is not the best treatment for you. Because the duration of the treatment or the effects of a long-term treatment are unknown, it is advisable that you consult with your doctor before you purchase another package.Women that have aggravated menstrual and premenstrual symptoms can also use the Complete Balance herbal menopause treatment. As the name of this natural supplement implies, it is designed to balance the hormonal levels for both women and men. Overall, due to the ingredients that it contains, this supplement seems to be very efficient in the treatment of hot flashes.