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Writer and Consultant in Jakarta, Indonesia

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My name is Andy Lo - The Salesman Copywriter. I see myself as a different kind of Copywriter to those I have observed in the marketplace.

I have over 15 years of institutional client sales consulting role where I had exposures in writing both long and short sales deck to pitch many household names across various industry groups. I was fortunate to have worked for some of the largest MNCs in their respective industries primarily in sales, business development, marketing, and business management role culminating in full time entrepreneurship in 2014 when I decided to venture on my own running small businesses. And today, I’m taking a shot at freelancing.

My previous role gave me the opportunity to write hundreds of sales pitch decks, on my own or with other team members, in a competitive beauty contest environment to several Fortune 500 companies like FMCG brands (Coca Cola, Unilever, Danone, Nestlé) and the advertising giant WPP Group, among others.

So, with those experiences under my belt, if you employ me, you will be working with a Salesperson Copywriter who will always be thinking if my copy would help YOU sell the goods.

You’ll probably have some doubts how I would give YOU the perfect copy given that I’m a non-native speaker of English. I can tell you from my 15 years experiences that it’s not grammar or colloquialism that won deals! Copywriting is about tons of quality research. It’s about getting OUT of your ego and getting INTO your prospects’ ego.

Oh, another thing is, I’m new to online freelancing. This is precisely why I’m looking for that wise dream client who can see beyond my online hours to decide if you and I can work together.

The first thing I’m gonna do for you is to get on a call with you. There’s no charge for getting on the call with me. It only takes about 45-60 minutes for me to better understand you and your business. If, in the unlikely event that you’re not convinced with my thought process, feel free to drop the call. You can even instant message me, telling me your dog chewed the electrical power cords.

At the very least, at some points during the call, I hope you’ll get a “buying criteria” from me to help you recruit other copywriters.

Andy Lo

- The Salesman Copywriter -

  • Education
    • Monash University