Andrew McDonald

Basingstoke, England

As a (currently) 17 year old, running my own business, having another part time job, attending full time college, occasionally working for Samsung and Zotac, having a social life and learing to code in C#, C++, HTML and CSS, can be a little hectic. I try my best to be the best at everything but often fall short as I fall into the 'jack of all traded, master of none' field, which frequently annoys me.

My current ambition, including finishing college, continuing to run TechteamGB, learning enough to actually make a god damn video game, and having somewhat of a social life, is to create my own community driven ISP. The current problem with the system is that BT owns all the copper and fiber lines. The gist of what I want to do is have a community driven business that is able to thrive on giving the customers the best service possible and allowing communities, such as seen in Kansas City, to thrive.

I feel like I should be at least 30 by now...

  • Work
    • Co -Founder @ TechteamGB
  • Education
    • Queen Mary's College
    • The Vyne Community School
    • Four Lanes Junior School
    • Kirktonholmes Primary School