Andrew Senesac

Have basically been an artist since I could hold a pencil, only thing is now I'm utilizing the computer as my pencil of choice. I love all aspects of Film/ Cinematography and dissecting each shot in every movie. I also love doing character animation, but mainly specialize on the facial aspect of it. It's really rewarding when you nail an expression or a certain mannerism of a character and having the ability the bring a digital being to life is extremely gratifying. I've been working at Midway games, now NetherRealm Studios, for almost 5 years now. I work on the Cinematics team along side some extremely talented artists. I'm in charge of the entire facial pipeline and also work on cinematic layout and staging, pre-vis, and in-game scripted events. On MK 2011 my team was in charge of the entire story mode, as well as all of the in-game fatalities, x-ray moves, character intro's and victory's.

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