local dad friend in Florida

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hi, i'm elle!!! 🦈

🏙 18 years old (8.22.98)

🌅 virgo

🌌 hufflepuff

🗾 intj

🌉 bi

🌇 they/them (u can use she/her too but i prefer they/them right now)

please do not follow if:

-you're homophobic, racist, sexist, ableist, just an overall bad person, etc.

-you know me irl

-you are a man older than 21

-you post screamers

what i post about:

-i mostly just use this account to complain about work and school

-im also basically just an andy mientus update account at this point. srry

-i talk about musicals a lot,,

-i have rlly bad anxiety and also depression but mostly anxiety. so i oftentimes try to talk myself thru future situations and stuff on here it's uglie

-im just annoying but ya know

!!!!! thank u for reading!!!!! have a gr8 day 🌟 dm me a 🦈 to follow pls