Andy Morales

Andy is a Marketing and Social Media Specialist. Having worked for an independent marketing company he utilized his skills among other things, to expand the social media strategy within the firm. One of the founding members of, Andy provides social media community management while also writing and editing articles exploring the latest technologies, marketing, and social media trends. is a geek collective writing about design, usability, social medias, startups, crowdfunding projects (kickstarter, indiegogo, etc), technology, SEO, nerd humor, ringtones, and is a leading provider of comprehensive information to users of Foursquare.

Andy is a graduate of Westmont College in Santa Barbara where he received a B.A. in Communication Studies and minor in English, while also becoming an all-conference runner on the cross-country team. Andy is from San Diego, and loves spending his free time traveling, playing golf and basketball, rooting for the Padres, and spending time with his niece and nephews.