Andy Neal

I am a father of three, and enjoy keeping up with technology and gadget trends. I like to jog with music in my ears, I coach youth baseball, and I've been noodling on the guitar for 25+ years. I love finding a good tasting "cheap" wine, but sometimes a beer just hits the spot. That being said... I try to stay healthy with what I eat and exercise -- I completed the Napa Valley Marathon in March 2010 and I hope to run a second one one someday and improve on my time!

I am employed at Napa Valley Adult Education as the Technology Coordinator, and I am a part-time Varsity baseball coach at American Canyon High School. I love my job and the people I work with and that feels good!

I enjoy sharing my life with family, friends and acquaintances via various social networks so please feel free to check the links below and learn more ...