Andrew Nicholson

Hi, I'm Andrew (Andy) Nicholson. I work as a personal development trainer with my partner Diane MacDowall. I am also a keen photographer. The picture on this page was taken by me at Cemaes bay, North Wales.

As a coach & trainer, we provide world-class personal development/self-help and transformative workshops and breakthrough days for both singles and couples. With a combined 15 years of professional 'PD' experience, backed up by plenty of training and oodles of our own research, we give you a unique and highly tailored experience.

Our knowledge and use of the Enneagram, a powerful tool to uncover your persoanity and ego, ensures that all that you learn have massive relevance and impact for you. Guaranteed - no fluffy, generalised platitudes from us!

We get to the core of you, your issues (we all have them) and unlock your potential.