Andy O'Meagher

Hobart, Tasmania

Having a varied working background has been extremely beneficial in helping me to understand how to manage a business. I've driven stock-feed trucks, sold pearls and jewellery in Broome, taught high-school boys and developed software that took the firm I was in to extreme financial success as far as large turnover from minimal effort is concerned.

From all of this I've learned that people, and how we deal with each other, is what really matters in business as with all of life.

The most important aspect of Act2 Solutions is our people! We have a fantastic team who are dedicated and knowledgeable, but more importantly they're great to be around and quite naturally treat customers in the way that they themselves would want to be treated. This both humbles and warms me.

We don't need to be the biggest in this field, but we do want to be the best! When this stretch of life comes to an end and I've moved on to my next focus, I want to be able to look back on my Act2 Solutions days with pride in knowing that we worked hard to ensure that we gave our clients the best service that we could, without being stingy with our earnings or being critical of our competitors.

  • Work
    • Act2 Solutions Pty Ltd
  • Education
    • BSc (Computing), Grad Dip Ed, MBA (in progress)