Andy Random

Software Engineer in England, United Kingdom

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My current travel goal is to visit every continent and after my recent trip to the Antarctic I've only got Australia to go.

I love technology and gadgets, but I'm a firm believer that technology should improve peoples lives and make life simpler not more complicated.

Recently I rediscovered my love of photography after buying new cameras for the trip to Antarctica. I'm not claiming to be an expert but I'm enjoying playing around with the new toys.

I've spent most of my career working for large software development organisations and I'm a keen Linux user.

Starting off with Mandrake in 2001, I then moved to Debian ("Woody") and I've played around with a number of Debian derivatives since then.

Currently I'm using Mint as a desktop distro at home while at work we are mostly CentOS based.

Prior to discovering the joys of Linux I had been using Unix in one form or another (such as Solaris and HP-UX) at work since 1986.

Other hobbies I enjoying are board games, RPGs and science fiction.

Past hobbies (things I used to do and am still interested in even if I don't do them very often) are archery, cycling, freeforms/LARP and camping.