Andy Rivas

Andy is currently a program manager working on Microsoft Silverlight. He has been with Microsoft for almost 9 years, if you count his one year as a contractor.

For the last 3 years Andy has helped ship three major versions of Silverlight and many more updates. He knows what it takes to work on a team that knows what it takes to rapidly ship quality software. Prior to Silvelright he worked on the .Net Compact Framework test team.

In addition to his experiences at Microsoft Andy has worked as a real estate appraiser, commerical window builder and build lead, conversational English teacher in Japan and greens keeper. He wouldn't trade his varied experiences.

Andy has a lovely wife and two young children which keep him very busy. When he's not at work you will find him hanging out with his family, looking for opportunities to exercise hospitality, tinkering with his R/C planes or working on his golf game.