andy roller

Fort Worth

Hi! I'm Andy Roller.

I'm the Father of 5 super cool kids, husband of an Enchantress (also known as Jeni Roller).

In spite of my organge TicTac addiction and Starbucks habit, I'm into fitness and health. At 5' 11" I'm training to get my vertical jump high enough to dunk a baskeball - getting close! I also play guitar and sing as part of a Texas Blues/ Rock trio.

A favorite life experience, so far: hosting a leadership event that included getting to skydive with a team of Navy Seals as part of the kickoff.

I'm a small business starter - "entrepreneur" - and a social sales guy focused on social media engagement, social customer care and experience, loyalty, and marketing. I'm grateful to lead and work with some award-winning, high-performing teams that deliver share-worthy customer experiences and engagement.

Through our consulting work at Expio Consulting we have delivered results for brands like Sonic, Marriott, Honda, Sperry Van Ness, Panhandle Plains Historical Museum, Tx HD 89 State Representative Four Price, Working Ranch Cowboy Association, and others.

I'm always looking for new connections with brands, business owners, marketing executives, or executive leaders wanting to grow and strengthen their companies' internal and/or external engagement levels through social media strategies, SEO, SMO, sales systems, marketing, leadership, or team consulting.

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Andy Roller | @andyroller
Expio Consulting | Owner

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Gallup StrengthsFinder:
Activator | Ideation | Strategic | Relator | Self-Assurance

VIA CharacterStrengths:
Humor | Hope | Honesty | Zest | Perspective

Learning Styles (MI):
Musical | Linguistic | Inter-personal

Myers Briggs:
Extroverted. Intuitive. Thinking. Judgement. (ENTJ)

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    • Business Owner
  • Education
    • BS Liberal Studies
    • Master of Arts Global Leadership