Andy Rosen

Originally from London, England ( I now live in L.A.) I started my working life as a rock and roll photographer documenting the London punk music scene from 1976 – 1984. Founded a talent management and production company in 1991 with Chris Blackwell Island Records founder. Coinciding with the birth of the MTV generation, The Underground went on to manage some of the most innovative talent of the era, producing videos and commercials for the likes of Marilyn Manson, Dave Mathews, Metallica, Van Halen, Nike, Fila, Lexus, Coke. Founded Underground Music in a label deal with Virgin Records Founded start up software company Cortex Software, The Brain an information manager. Founded Desktop Toys: It utilized new technology, which enabled a user to interact and manipulate 3D animated toys on any desktop. EA distribution/production deal. Underground Media: A web and multimedia design company numerous website designs and web marketing strategies - including initiating Motown Records first online strategy . Form Productions : Executive Producer for Form Productions Los Angeles owned by feature film and commercial director Jessie Dylan. Founded a web application to cast movies online. Utilized by Universal Studios for 10 producers to cast the 85 million dollar movie “American Wedding” (the third part in the American Pie series). At present Founder/CEO GetREEL/Getreelhealth GetReel Health leverages next-generation Internet technologies (Web 2.0) to provide all healthcare stakeholders with a virtual work place. Users can capitalize on digital asset management, project management tools, collaboration and professional networking solutions -all on one platform. - A web based media platform developed specifically to manage the digital asset work flows required by entertainment, media and creative service companies from concept, through production, sales and finally to delivery.