Andy Salmon

First and foremost, I consider every new person who I encounter in life to be a potential new friend. Don't hesitate

to contact me should you feel that I may be able to assist you in achieving your objectives - Together we can

simplify complexities, turn adversity into opportunity and make the impossible, possible.

I returned to the UK after living overseas, expanding my horizons & learning some valuable lessons from my many


An entrepreneur at heart, I started and ran my own successful IT business for a decade before executing a harvest

strategy. Following that I worked with an international E-Learning organisation providing a learning portal to

education authorities and private institutions in UK, South Africa, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinnea,

Australia and the USA serving over five million students.

Later I established and successfully managed the South Australian arm of the leading consumer facing IT services organisation in Australasia. At that time I decided to complement my practical business experience with an academic framework and so studied for a Masters Degree, graduating in 2008.

Currently I work with an organisation providing support to businesses across the West Midlands region. I often hear business being described as survival of the fittest. This being the case I work to assist my clients in achieving ever higher levels of 'business fitness'.