Andy ^-^

*grins* Okay, so I practically adore reading and can do it while eating,sleeping- dreaming (that still counts), listening to music, dancing(I tried that once)and exercising.... Be it mangas or graphic novels, picture books or the most horribly boring classics ever in the world's history .. I can take them on (as long as I've got time)..

I can't stop loving a number of seriously cool (indie/ amateur/professional) authors who somehow end up making me 1)cry 2)scream 3)Punch something and 4)make me wanna tear my hair out and eat a bowlful of chocolate chip ice cream in order to keep me sane and alive.

Okay continuing with the list and not so depressing topics:


12) A whole lot of other people who i can include but choose not to because i tend to be sluggish at times- especially after eating a freshly baked warm blueberry pie...- stop drooling... I know you want one *winks*


* - WTH possessed me to read this book? /scratches head/
** - You could do a lot better with that plot
***- You're okay but seriously? You need quite a few tweaks
****- Oh my Gawd you are fantastic! It's better than i expected!!!
*****- I can't even think now.. My brain is over-working.. I can't breathe.. WARNING WARNING HYPERVENTILATING OCCURRING!!!! (Officially recommending it to the Homo sapien population out there)