Andy Sukhdeo

Born in Guyana, and raised in Canada, my life consist of a mixture of West Indian and Canadian Culture. My family lives in a small town call Ajax in the province of Ontario, where I grew up and became the man I am today. My parents, Hardeo and Dhanwantie Sukhdeo, worked hard to provided me with the education I needed to be successful in todays demanding world. I am fortunate to be working for a company that allows me to do what I love; which is dealing with new and innovative technology. With all my success, I have a new challenge, or should I say, a next chapter in my life that is about to begin. I am marrying my high school sweet heard, the love of my life, and soon to be wife, Sophia. We have known each other for about 8 years, and been together for about 5 of those wonderful years. With the wedding coming up soon, I look forward to my new life with her and all the challenges that await us.....all I can say for now is.....stay tuned.