Andy Wadham

I am absolutely passionate and totally believe that behavioural shifts and understanding of the varied approaches to leadership, from front line to strategic key stake holders, is the true key to success of any organisation; as leadership is not just a soft skill - it is a vital ingredient for any business to grow and be successful.

In the course of my time serving in the Royal Navy I have learned the art of leadership development, ending my Service as a Chief Leadership Officer; becoming a very successful Leadership Development Professional in business; endorsed by my numerous LinkedIn 'recommends'; which I am immensely proud (old fashioned word, I know).

I have become a highly successful leadership professional; becoming a John Adair Accredited Trainer – training business leaders in Action Centred Leadership in its 'purest form' to great effect.

I have an impressive track record that demonstrates my success in implementing new, or redefining existing, leadership and talent initiatives that are linked to a business vision and culture of an organisation; all of which are current, relevant and 'real'.

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