Andy yanuaria

Small Business Owner, Life Coach, and Recruiter in Nebraska

Andy yanuaria

Small Business Owner, Life Coach, and Recruiter in Nebraska

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From the desk of Andy Yanuaria:

Aloha! My name is Andy Yanuaria along with my beautiful wife, Ann. I am an ordained Baptist preacher turned Network Marketer. Yes, you read that right. In the years of sitting and listening to the many prayer requests made by congregants, I had come to realize that, the prayer requests that were usually made were in regards to financial and physical challenges. My personal and inward question had always been, “How can these people give of themselves, both physically and financially, if they don’t have any of it to give?” Good health is obviously necessary if a person is to serve our God effectively for many years.

Another issue was finances. People in general always have that problem of not having enough money at the end of the month, a dilemma that faces many families throughout many households. A problem that can be easily resolved if they would just accept, apply, and work with one of the many opportunities available to them today. We live in an era where technology makes it possible for anyone, regardless of age, sex, or creed to pick an opportunity and run with it.

I was introduced to network marketing many years back, but never really made it a serious venture. Eventually, I had come to realize that, it is the most credible, legal, and most fulfilling means of earning RESIDUAL income; not to be confused with LINEAR income (a regular job). And with this new found passion, I am able to introduce innumerable amounts of people to a modality that can potentially diversify their earning power and put their minds at ease. For most families, an extra $500-$1000 dollars a month makes a whole world of a difference.

With the products I represent or market, I am able to impact many lives in their health, in their finances, and in that area that counts the most, their potential relationship with Jesus Christ.

Another passion of mine lies in the area of Personal Development. I have a personal library of 500+ books pertaining to this niche. Practically speaking, I have an inward desire to MOTIVATE, INSPIRE, and ENCOURAGE others in that area that counts the most…..their THINKING. If I can continue to get into the PSYCHOLOGY of those who are down trodden, discouraged, and unmotivated, to get them to dream again, that will make my venture more than worthwhile.

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