Aneel Ranadive

San Francisco-based businessman Aneel Ranadive founded the Pinchit website to provide urban professionals a forum for discovering exciting local shopping, entertainment, dining, and lifestyle opportunities in their cities. Pinchit's Internet platform currently features San Francisco, New York City, and Washington, D.C., and the company is currently seeking recruits to launch expansions into other cities. In his role as Chief Executive Officer, Aneel Ranadive encourages writers to take on the "Tastemaker" role by writing about their favorite hometown experiences so that others may learn about them.

The fast-growing Pinchit platform developed by Aneel Ranadive presents subscribers with daily deals discounting services and products by as much as 90 percent. Each offering stems directly from recommendations by Pinchit users, so subscribers know these businesses are supported by a like-minded community. In addition, the website incorporates discussion boards that allow users to converse with Tastemakers and other subscribers about deals, great restaurants and bars, beauty and fitness services, and more.

Prior to establishing Pinchit, Aneel Ranadive served as an Analyst for Storm Ventures, a Product Manager for Nielsen Mobile, Director of Business Development for GlanceGuide, and Investment Banking Analyst for Banc of America Securities. He also cofounded BoredAt, Inc., a real-time social network with communications and ratings capabilities catering to location-specific audiences such as schools and workplaces. To fund the start-up, he helped raise $1.25 million in venture capital. A graduate of Columbia University, Aneel Ranadive earned a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics.